Mississippi Worshippers Arise

Mississippi Worshippers Arise Mission Statement and Information

God has placed this ministry on my heart by giving me a dream of His true Church coming together in unity to bring restoration to His people.  The dream was overwhelming, but it really changed my life and my ministry focus to lifting the Name of JESUS higher.  I have been working on my music ministry for years but felt very alone on this journey.  He has given me this ministry to allow others to join hands with me in efforts to bring glory and honor to JESUS together.  This ministry has always been about Him, but I was trying to do it alone.  We can’t do anything effectively without the body of Christ joining us in our efforts of bringing healing and hope to a very broken and hurting world.  Mississippi Worshippers Arise is a result of my life’s testimony and the healing I found in JESUS.  My entire music ministry has been songs created to help God’s people heal by the lyrics and melodies the Holy Spirit deposits in my spirit.  Our worship sessions with this ministry are focused on changing the atmosphere to bring honor and glory to God.  I take this ministry very seriously and place it above my own plans and desires.  When I was contemplating this vision God showed me in a dream about this ministry, I really had to make a decision to let Him lead and humble myself to His plans for my life.  I now realize His plans are my greatest blessings and I welcome all He has for me.  My heart desires to please Him and I know division in His Church hurts His heart.  I have felt that hurt in my spirit and we as a Church need to link arms and help one another.  What a statement to the world when they can see the Church working together for a change, instead of against one another.  We have been fighting among ourselves far too long.  We can all agree that JESUS is the only way to God and the only way to bring wholeness to His Church.  He is our One thing in common.  My prayer is for all of God’s people and every race begin to help one another in Mississippi to stop the division that is hurting God’s Church.  The theme of this ministry is NO MORE DIVISION, One God, One Voice, One Church (body of believers).  There is One Lord, One Faith and One Spirit who will lead us into ALL truth.  JESUS is the way, the truth and the life.  There is no other name and no other way into the kingdom of God other than through the name of JESUS CHRIST and His sacrificial death on the cross.  JESUS is our focus in this mission of unity in Mississippi.