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I want to thank God first for blessing me with talents given by Him and for Him. He has taken me through a journey to bring me to a place of righteousness before Him.

I have been up on the mountain top, down in the valley, and through the storms of this life.  Never once did the Holy Spirit leave me, and God never abandoned me.  I was once a sinner, but God’s grace saved me.  My lifestyle is a “Sacrifice of Praise” unto God for all He has done in my life. I strive to live as closely to God’s Word as I can, because of His great love for me.

I am a representation of God my Father and a daughter of the One True King. I choose to praise Him in the good times and the bad.  I will praise Him regardless of what may come my way, because He is Worthy!  I pray the fire of God never burns out in me ever again.

My mission in life is to bring glory and honor to JESUS through anointed worship.  God's call on my life is to usher in His presence in corporate worship and to set an atmosphere for healing and wholeness to take place in His people.

Ronda Lynn

Living Sacrifice of Praise

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